What is dementia tax? And is it fair?

28 Oct What is dementia tax? And is it fair?

If you were suffering from heart disease, cancer, or stroke ,etc, you would receive full treatment and care under the NHS. However, did you know that if you were to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, or any other mental illness in the old age, you would be expected to pay for your own care? This is referred to as the ‘dementia tax’ in the media and is very unfair. The care is so expensive that if you are a home owner, you can expect to lose your home to pay for your care.

We’re running a campaign to raise awareness about this injustice. We are also helping our clients protect their homes from care home fees which is currently about £1,000 to £2,000 per week per person in the UK.

Should you need advice or assistance to protect your home from care home fees, so your partner or spouse can continue to live in their home, and then it is passed on to your loved ones, please feel free to contact us for a Free Consultation. We’ll do our best to advise you on the best solutions available to suit your particular circumstances.

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